Prescription Eyewear Safety Policy

Policy's Initial Date: September 7, 2010
Revision Date: January 24, 2012

This program applies to all Auxiliary and Business Services (A&BS) employees whose duties have been determined to warrant the purchase of prescription safety eyewear. Prescription safety eyewear will be authorized when:

  • The position normally requires the use of safety eyewear.
  • The individual normally wears corrective vision lenses.

If prescription safety eyewear is authorized the following eligibility conditions apply:

  • Employees will be eligible for prescription safety eyewear once every two years.
  • Damaged eyewear or replacements will be handled on an individual basis.
  • Employees will be responsible for replacing their prescription safety eyewear if they are lost, neglected, intentionally damaged or misused.
  • Employees who transfer into A&BS from another PSU unit will be eligible for prescription safety eyewear two (2) years from the date they were issued prescription eyewear from their previous unit.
  • Selection of prescription safety eyewear will be made on the employees own time and outside of their normally scheduled shift.
  • Employees are responsible to provide a valid eyewear prescription.

If prescription safety eyewear is authorized, the following procedure will be followed to purchase the eyewear:

  • An employee requiring new, repaired, or replacement prescription safety eyewear must complete the Request for Prescription Safety Eyewear form. The employee should complete only the information in the biographical and employee information section along with signing and dating this form. After the employee has completed this form, it must be presented to his/her supervisor for authorization to purchase safety eyewear.
  • The manager will authorize the request by completing the remaining information on the Request for Prescription Safety Eyewear form. This form should be mailed to the A&BS Safety Office for final approval.
  • Once a prescription safety eyewear request has been approved by the A&BS Safety Office the Essilor Laboratories Industrial Prescription Safety Eyewear voucher will be sent to the manager to distribute to the employee. 
  • The employee is responsible for taking the Essilor Laboratories Industrial Prescription Safety Eyewear voucher along with a valid eyewear prescription to an authorized eye care professional listed on the form he/she was provided. The eye care professional will explain the service and eye care prescription options along with any additional cost not covered by this program. The eye care provider will keep the voucher for billing purposes to The Pennsylvania State University.
  • The HFS Maintenance Department will handle billing correspondence for the ordering, invoicing, and IDCC chargeback for the Prescription Safety Eyewear Protection Program.