Penn State Finance & Business Welcomes New Employees

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Employees new to Penn State’s Finance & Business unit have the opportunity to participate in the Welcome Aboard program, which offers activities to help them make the most of their positions within F&B.

Recently hired staff exempt employees who apply to the Welcome Aboard program will be matched with a coach who will introduce them to Penn State and Finance & Business. Coaches are selected from a large pool of well-respected members of the F&B staff who have diverse and varied backgrounds. Employees may apply to be coaches or they may be recommended.

Each coach and new employee will meet early on in the academic year to build rapport and set goals and a timeline of meetings. Along the way, coaches and proteges will discuss new issues as well as identify community resources, services, and involvement opportunities.

Informal learning opportunities throughout the year include luncheons to launch and close out the year, a StrengthsFinder workshop, and tours of the Berkey Creamery, Palmer Art Museum, and University Park Airport.

The program will kick off in September and end in May. Applications are due September 15.

For more information, visit the Welcome Aboard page.

or contact Michele Newhard at 814-865-3315.

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